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Chubb Safes in Hyderabad

Chubb safes in Hyderabad: Shows the complete guide about Chubb Safe. How Chubbsafes for home and help business users. Are you looking for a safes brand that takes care of all your valuables and belongings? Are you looking for something that gives you peace of mind that your valuables are safe and secure?

Well, Chubbsafe is a one stop solution for all your safety needs. Home locker or safes for home and creates the tension-free time for homeowners.

Chubbasafes is a UK Brand with the latest technology to store your valuables – be it documents, jewellery, cash or any digital valuable.

 Chubb safes are pioneers in this arena with their operations present in UK, south Africa, Malaysia and Europe – which proves they are a trusted brand across the world.

Operating under the license of the Gunnebo group, these chubb safes are made from the best of materials with an innovative access technology.

These safes are fire resistant, burglar safe, water proof and termite resistant and have an advanced high security innovative biometric access control system

Our proud customers range from both the ends of the spectrum – satisfied house holders to high risk businesses like banks, high end retail jewelers and pawn shops used safe lockers for home and businesses.

All their valuables are secured with our best in class technology safes that gives them peace of mind that their valuables are safe

Also an added feature is that these safes are equipped with biometric state of the art features such as a duress alarm, a power backup to handle power disruptions etc. ensuring highest ease of access to the user

Also Chubbsafes are certified by Burreau of India standard in accordance with IS-550 standard for burglary resistance.

Chubbsafes have some amazing benefits – they are not just immune from ordinary burglars but they are also tool and torch resistant. 

 For enhanced protection, they have various levels of security. They also come with a modern and sleek biometric access design.

The high security safe comes with a sturdy monolith door and heavy duty hinges that offer excellent strength and protection

Your Cash, collectibles, jewelry, and documents need the highest level of protection, and safe lockers for home in Hyderabad are available at CRM.

Being the oldest safe brands in the world, chubbsafes have been offering these solutions for over 200 years and we have this international brand of best chubbsafes in Hyderabad at our very own CRM. We have multiple branches  across the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. We recently started Chubb safes in Madhapur Hyderabad. 

Chubb safes are an amazing combination of reliability, robustness and modernity. They offer rock solid protection against burglary, fire and explosives

The range of customers, from small commercial shops to large retailers, householders, and gold shops, are used jewelry safe for homes and businesses. Safes to the large financial institutions are our startling examples of the wide variety of available chubb safes.

They are tested by national and international accreditation bodies for their quality and robustness and hence the customers are assured of very high quality

Residential Purpose:

The Home and Residential safes are available in a wide array of certifications in different variety of graded safes, fireproof safes and home safes – Passports, ID Cards, cash, car keys, jewellery are the commonly stored items

These are not just valuables that have to be saved from burglary but also from events of fire accidents. If an individual loses high value documents, claiming insurance also becomes a herculean task


Hence get a best chubb safe in Hyderabad at CRM and be rest assured that your valuables are safe and secure


Not just storing and securing valuable documents, retailers also have to keep the collected cash safe in ever changing working environment and also comply with their insurance company’s ratings

Chubbsafes are the best solution to those needs as well as they offer burglar protection up to highest certification standards

Retailers handle cash in large amounts, day in and day out and they need a robust and reliable storage space that also offers confidence to their employees to operate seamlessly. The best chubbsafes that offer highest protection standards are available at CRM


 Offices can keep their documents, cash, technical gadgets etc in graded safes, fire resistant safes and more importantly in spacious storage cabinets


Banks have been our most trusted customers and we have been meeting their needs of storage, transfer and deposit of cash and documents very seamlessly and efficiently.

Chubbsafes offer reinforced protection to your valuables and your single stop solution for chubbsafes in Hyderabad is CRM

We not just offer a one-time transactional sale but we offer a product after a careful study of the customer’s needs and requirements. After an in-depth need analysis, the customer is shown various products available in the showroom – each customer can experience the product through a physical touch and feel factor at CRM India. Now available CRM safes in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad also. 

After all, Customer’s satisfaction is CRM’s utmost priority – we work with the motto of Giving customers more than what they expect to get!

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