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Office furniture in today’s world has a different meaning and sensibility from what it was conceived to be over the years. There is much more happening and expected than work from the workplace. Dwindling office hours, increased work from home options, collaborative seating, transparent spacing, and non-hierarchical organizations are rapidly transforming workplaces and the space layout. From cubicles, manager rooms, conference rooms, etc., offices now are partitioning spaces based on the kind of work such as the creative rooms, common areas, eat out areas, fitness areas, brainstorming areas, lounges, and also entertainment spaces. As we are changing the way we live and work, Office spaces also need to evolve to be more adaptable, flexible, and resilient to the current mindset towards work. With CRM office furniture we believe we can thoughtfully design our offices and workplaces to set the right outlook for better work-life and be in sync with the mood of the organization and keep up the productivity high.



Wipro furniture products are suitable for any office. Be it a Home office or a Flexible workplace, all the products are appropriately designed at Wipro design studio to conceptualize and offer innovative solutions. 

Be more productive with the right seating!! Choose ergonomically engineered seating that is designed aesthetically and also comfortable for longer work hours.


Furniture for Informal environment: Café/Commons

Taking a break from work to slump for a few minutes or an impromptu meeting, common areas need to relax and set you up for the needed comfort level. If one wants to Study in our Cuby chairs that combine plushness of traditional sofas with sleek straight armrest or schedule a quick meet with colleagues at the high stools or grab a bite to eat in a range of lightweight colorful Waffle chairs that are easy to move around, stack or sit on, Wipro office furniture matches the mood of the space you want to create.

While you are envisioning your office spaces, CRM India can help you out with the details and the best furniture to fit your imagination and requirements.

air office chair

On Air

Brings the look & feel of Italian design alive in your workspace.

adapt chairs


Premium chair with innovative technology, contemporary looks and automatic tension adjustment control

Aerosit chairs


A unique seat design that gives all day long comfort.

Define Black Office Chair


Treats you to an unparalleled seating experience that radiates style and status.

Allay Chairs


Brings out the best in you by giving you the calm and break that your body needs.

Alivio High Back Executive Chairs


Style, control, comfort - with Alivio they are all yours.

adapt chairs


A sophisticated seating solution designed to give you a different seating experience.

Smart chair


Gives you optimal support for your back and encourages healthy seating..

Atom Chairs


Designed to handle long hours of serious sitting.

ergonomic chair

That's It

Offers you generous space, good support for your back and keeps your body stress free.

Zapper Chairs


A modernistic chair design that adds an element of sophistication to new-age workspace.

Pep Chairs


A general purpose chair that fits perfectly in a trendy office environment.

Pause Visitor Chair


An easy to grab on-the-go chair that’s suited for meetings rooms, training sessions, and visitor seating..

Wudmate Chairs


A simple and sturdy chair, designed to provide perfect postural support.

Tango Chairs


Simple yet powerful multifunctional seating, designed with modern and distinctive features.

Annexe Training or Visitor Chairs


A sturdy and stylish visiting chair that can be annexed into a comfortable training chair.

Mocha Cafe Chair


A perfect brew of coffee colors that will add to the ambience of an executive discussion.

Munch Chairs


Vibrant coloured chair with the “munched” design to conveniently hang your bag.

Wipro Pepper Chairs


A multi purpose chair that can liven up any space with its vibrant colors.

Toffee Chairs


Toffee is a multi-purpose chair with a unique design and colours that add a light and happy look.

Waffle Chairs


A range of lightweight colourful chairs that are easy to stack, move around and sit on.

Symphony Auditorium Chairs


Keeps you in superlative comfort as you relax in its generously sized seats

Ballet Auditorium Chairs


A combination of comfort and sleek looks with a compact footprint..

Concert Theater Seating


An optimally designed chair for institutions and small auditoriums.

Bliss Sofas


Lets you settle comfortably with its plush, rounded and cozy demeanor.

Black Vogue Chairs


Inspired from European designs, it adds a subtle sophistication to any space.

Delphi1 Seater Sofa


Creates magic with its luxurious bonded design.

Cuby Lounge Sofa


Combines the plushness of traditional sofas with sleek straight armrest

Work From Home,
Now it's

wipro office furniture

As we intend different environments to set up our workspaces, we need to think differently about the office furniture that supports them.



Workspaces can be more productive with practical space management, proper designs and furniture that give out a positive vibe for optimal work efficiency.

Designed both for wellness and productivity, the products are a rare blend of style

Furniture for Collaborative Work Environment

With Wipro modular furniture you can get an open space feel for more collaboration and cooperation among the team. A unique seating design that is not only ergonomic for day-long comfort but also lets you settle comfortably into the work environment. Open tables and plush seatings around keeps you in a comfortable demeanor while spread out benches are crafted for agile working & hot desking.

LIVO, Office Furniture


Efficiency with a flair

Fenix Office Desks


A workspace ready to inspire you!

Flexiwork, Office Furniture


Crafted for agile working & hot desking..

office furniture with vibrant+


Matches your imagination. Fits every space.



Enhancing concentration and privacy in agile office settings.

caro office furniture


Embrace well-being principles in space design with Caro height adjustable table range.

snappy office furniture


Sleek & trendy in design, that can be snapped on to any tabletop to create personal space.

WFH banner v3

Work From Home,
Now it's



When you are comfortable you are naturally more focussed. Choose the right furniture for an inspiring concentrated study setup.

Furniture for Training and learning environment

Let us accept it. Training sessions can be rather long and often boring. Comfort and support furniture are key features to sit through and pay attention to in the learning environment. Our seating solutions are designed to provide maximum legroom and keep you motivated with great colors and finishes.

hangout furniture


Designed for student’s comfort, it perfectly complements all hostel furniture requirements.

search, library storage


A library storage solution, designed to store books and stand the test of time.

Admire seating


A stylish seating system for both flat & stepped floors with clean modern lines.

Team up, classroom furniture

Team Up

Designed for smart classrooms, it provides strength of metal & warmth of wood.

Xplorer seating system


An integrated table and seating system solution for classrooms and examination halls.

Youngstar seating


A complete range of comfortable seating for all age groups.

Performer desks, benches


An integrated two-seater desk cum bench, designed for modern classrooms.

Work From Home,
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wipro office furniture

Office Chairs Dealers

CRM India is the most trusted office furniture dealers in the city with an exclusive channel partnership with Wipro office furniture and other workplace solutions across Hyderabad, Nellore, Hanamkonda, Vishakapatnam, VIjayawada, Tirupati, and Karimnagar, etc..

Our customer First intent, promises an easy and intuitive way of doing business with us to achieve furnishing goals for your office spaces or home offices. We pride ourselves in doing business with only the best in the market and believe in our office furniture that is crafted with style and quality and can stand the test of time. We work tirelessly to build relationships with our clients and furniture partners by doing things the right way. This commitment to success for both our channel partners and to fulfill your office furniture vision helps us deliver the best solution and maintain our reputation in the market.

No matter what your office dynamics, we strive to give steadfast solutions with the best furniture price listings and make your office furniture stand out in sync with your vision.

Furthermore, we are also very conscious of creating the lowest environmental impact, and therefore Wipro’s culture of long-term ecological sustainability through their green furniture is an inherent part of our culture as well.

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