strong room doors


Fireproof and Torch and Drill resistant Specially designed for Bankers, Currency chests, Institutions handlling large volume of cash.

  • Independently Tested
  • Climate Control 
  • Innovative (Lightweight, Faster Installation & Mounting)

Strong room doors are designed for institutions and buildings that require a very high level of protection. These doors are used by banks, schools, post offices, industrial buildings, companies, diamond & jewelry businesses as well as for high-value item storage in many chain stores. Strongroom doors offer excellent protection against fire, water, theft, and most skilled modern methods of attack.

Our range of strongroom and vault doors is intensely tested and perfect for high-security concerns of cash & valuables that need protection. We offer certified protection against a variety of sources such as high-powered disc cutters and oxyacetylene torches, crowbars, explosives, diamond core drill bits, etc.

The sturdy makes and locking mechanism make our strongroom doors ideal for various applications.

We offer customized high security strong room doors fitted with biometric lock & fingerprint readers for specific applications like vault strong room doors, jewellery strong room doors, bank strong room doors, etc., that are fabricated using quality raw material and secured from certified vendors in the industry. Multiple locking facility features are also available. With general protection features like waterproof rust-proof, high tensile strength, temperature-resistance, etc our strongroom doors can also resist modern attack systems. The strong room doors come in a variety of options with an affordable range for specific business needs.

  • Doors made from tough steel plates, armour plates, oxyacetylene flame resistant material and special fire & burglary resistant material.
  • Vital parts are further protected by a special hammer and drill resistant armour plate.
  • High grade barrier mix is used to reduce weight.
  • High security – dual control 8-lever special key locks with automatic re-locking.
  • Ventilating grill gate for further protection.
  • Superior PU paint finish quality with better corrosion resistance.
  • Optional – Key less combination lock, provision for Time Lock
  • High Security Strong Room Doors fitted with Biometric lock and finger print reader.
  • Dual Authentication – Multiple master & user configuration.
  • Multilevel security for access control
  • Tamper proof stand by Battery backup power supply.
  • Duress (Alerts in case of robbery or heist)
  • Notification thru email / GSM SMS / GSM Voice calls on events like AC power fail, Low Battery etc.
  • Door open / close reports with personal identification & date-time tag. Onscreen notification of mechanical operation.
  • The Biometric access control is network based.
  • Simple & user friendly finger enrolment process.
  • Pre-recorded message with auto dialer – can dial upto 15 nos.
  • BIS Certified & Labeled ( IS 11188 : 2014 ).

  1. Memory: 1MB
  2. Event Buffers: 9,999
  3.  Card Buffer (Users): 500
  4. Max Fingers per user: 3
  5. Max users 50
  6. Sensor Mode: 1:1 / 1:N (configurable)
  7. Dual Authentication
  8. Admin & Users: Max 3 (Each)
  9. Duress Alarm
  1. Data Downloading
  2. Template Mgmt.
  3. User Management
  4. User Rights
  5. Access Reports.
  6. Access control configuration (Dual authentication, Duress, etc)
  1. Outputs: Lock, Duress alarm
  2. Inputs: Door switch, AC fail, Low bat, Vibration Sensor
  3. LED Indicator: Bi-colored LED
  4. Buzzer: Multi tone Buzzer o/p
  5. LCD Display: 16*2 alphanumeric
  6. Keypad: 12 key numeric keypad;
  7. Communications: TCP/IP
  8. Current& Voltage Req: 12V DC – 5Amp.
  9. GSM Dialer

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